vincenzos place

Vincenzo's Place of York, Pennsylvania

About Us

Welcome to Vincenzo's Place! It is our hope that you fall in love with our food, friendly atmosphere and a love of serving people! Our restaurant is aptly named after Giuseppe's son, Vincenzo Michael Lo Cricchio, who was taken away from us too early.

Vince was loved and adored by all who knew him. Vince also holds a special place in my heart as well. I was not privileged enough to know this young man but in a way I feel as if he played an integral part in bringing his father and I together which I am forever grateful! While the sadness never goes away, we choose to remember the good times through keeping Vince's legacy alive and well through our restaurant.


Vince lived life to the fullest and loved to make people laugh and smile! If you have a story about our Vincenzo, come on in, enjoy a slice of pizza and spread a smile or two at Vincenzo's Place!


If You Could See Me Now


If you could see me now, you wouldn't shed a tear. Though you may not understand why I'm no longer here. Remember my spirit, that's the real me. I'm still very much alive, oh, if you could only see! I've beheld our Father's face. I've touched my Savior's hand. The angel's all rejoiced as I entered the Promised Land. Beyond the gates of pearl, I walk on golden streets. I've touched the walls of jasper, dipped my foot in the crystal sea. The beauty is beyond words, nothing can compare. I've even seen your mansion; someday I will meet you there. Allow Jesus to be your guide, His word will show you the way. So, please, don't cry! We will meet again someday!

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